Alternatieve Therapeut


Becoming the person you never wanted to be or trying every day to become the person you want to be can sometimes create more stress and disappointments than you can be aware of. The result of this is mostly that we ignore the spiritual side of life and focus on the reality or vice versa. The reality: the world we encounter when we open our eyes or keep them open.

In Life We have never been taught about why we Dream, Why we think, blink, where our thoughts come from, why we  sleep love, hate , stress, depress, and so on. All of these happen inside of us, in our own world, our inner world. The darkened world we encounter when closing our eyes. Wisdom of the inner world is the source of  our wisdom of reality!

Iife could be a lot easier than we make of it if we were trained how to love enough to love our self as much. All keys lie in front of us. Balance between spirituality and reality is the key to happiness. But the mind, body and spirit must be trained to endure and challenge the constancy of this balance. Trained to still achieve beside all your sacrifices and downs in life. When the spirit is trained and disciplined on

 how to follow it’s dreams and desires and the mind is trained to lead the spirit, the body will provide the strength to hold on to time and happiness. I am a Coach who will train your  mind, body and spirit to their full potential and keep you standing firm on both spiritual and realistic grounds. Any dream can be achieved.

There is a custom method to Simply become the person you want to be within one day. A method fit to your past and recent situation and perfect for your desired future. A custom method to heal your love life, family crisis, career life, addictions, stress, anxiety, depression ,sicknesses or  mental disorders of any kind. A method to even teach you how the method is being create for your own mental and spiritual development.

Your method:  fit to the lines in your hand, the dreams that you have, the signs of your body, the day of your birth and the desires that drive your spirit.

Your method, your way and your choice to success starts here and now with

After one online Session (or in person) with Coach Valentijn you will have full awareness of your method.


will bring you mind,body and spirit refreshment and empowerment. They  clear your vision with inspiration and motivation to get you back in the field and achieve your desires. Single Sessions  remote you from negativities.

What you can expect during A Consult with Coach Valentijn:

Great relief in mind body and spirit.

- Empowered and eager to Achieve.

- Understand the source of your life situation.
- Learn about the three minds (the conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind) and their influences on the spirit.
- Learn how to influence your reality from a helicopter view to map your way to your desired future.
- Understand how to avoid obstacles and protect your surroundings at all times.

The duration for  single session is 90 minutes . There are no extra charges for extra Time.

Life Mastering Programs:

Life Mastering Programs guided by coach Valentijn are programs that are aimed to get you out of the reality in which you do not want to be.They get you up and running headed to your desired future on the quickest possible way.

During your Life Mastering Program. What to expect:

- To get clear understanding of your unicity and ability’s.
- The root of all the negativity and problems that surround you to be extracted out of your reality.
- Be sure of what it is that you want, and will get. The map to your desired future will be printed into your normal way of life.
- Know how to avoid future obstacles and understanding the sources of any encountered sign of negativity headed towards the path to your desires.
- To integrate the Natural Laws of Life Into your reality on the most positive levels you can ever imagine.
- To be the person you have always wanted to be.
- Find that Solution you have been waiting for.

In the end after your Life Mastering Program you will be sure to achieve your desired future!

All life Mastering Programs start per 6 months.

All Life Mastering Programs are held through live video calling online or in person. All programs are personalized and fit to your recent situation and well scheduled so you can learn with ease and the right amount of motivation.

Life Mastering Programs:

- Love and Sexuality Program 

- Family & Friends Program
- A Spiritual & Mental Workout Program
- Child & Youth Program
- Mood and Anxiety
- Obsession & Addiction Program